Amazing Selling Machine Review

Is Amazing Selling Machine really worth it? This training program charges over $3,000 Dollars to show viewers how to sell on Amazon to create a booming business and generate $100,000 monthly. Is it a scam? A genius business venture? Or exactly what you need to succeed in the business world?

What does Amazing Selling Machine Do?

Co-owner Matt Clark defines ASM as, “…a training program and live event teaching entrepreneurs how to build real, fast-growth businesses selling physical products by leveraging the power of Amazon.” Clark and fellow co-owner Jason Katzenback designed and founded Amazing Selling Machine to give buyers and entrepreneurs resources of the following:

An 8-week virtual training program Single admission to a 3-day in-person event in Las Vegas1-year access to tools for constructing and developing an Amazon business Lifetime access to the Amazing Selling Machine forum and community

So what is it about ASM that attracts those wanting to create a profit off of online selling? In an essence, this program gives affiliates the tools and assets to propel their ideal business to the next level, as well as a network of other entrepreneurs who have the same goal in mind. What separates ASM from other drop-selling programs is its use of high profit margins. It offers more than just an 8-week training; ASM gives affiliates more than what they ask for in terms of perks and lifetime guarantees, which explains the substantial price tag. However, the looming price for this program has created a controversy among entrepreneurs about the validity and effectiveness of this program.

Is It Worth It?

Amazing Selling Machine focuses on buying wholesale and drop-selling on Amazon to build a high-profit business. Some partners of ASM have recounted being guaranteed as much as 50% commission on sales through ASM and gaining all of the money they spent back in selling. However, reviews and comments online discussing ASM have noted that there are plenty of programs online that teach and provide the exact same services for less than half the price.

For some, ASM may be exactly what they need to build their profits and create a widespread and successful business, but in order to do so, you already need to have enough money to buy the inventory to start your drop-selling. This means you would have to spend about the same $100,000 a month that ASM promises just to get your business on its feet. To some, that may be worth it, but small entrepreneurs may have a hard time providing the funds for the program, let alone the funds that go into creating an inventory.

No matter what program or strategy you use, selling online takes a lot of hard work and waiting in order to get a produce’s popularity up. The issue with ASM is putting in so much money and having to wait to see any actual growth in your business. ASM is a tempting offer with all that they promise. ASM claims to be more effective than any other program. It’s really a question of how much you are willing to invest in order to grow your business and sell big.

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